Confident in Public - Basic Program

Confident in Public - Basic Program   

Confidence is the first thing that is most needed by everyone who will appear to speak in public. If you are a person who is confident in dealing personally with other people , that doesn't mean you are also confident enough to perform in public. Especially if you have issue with self esteem that makes you feel less confident in front of other people.

Confidence is very important in our life and even becomes the most because confidence can lead us to any other new opportunities, especially career development opportunities in the future.

So, have you become a confident person ?

in Public Speaking, no matter how many presentation tehniques you've read or learn from public speaking tutorials video, it won't make you appear optimally if you are still lack of confidence. What happens is, while you struggling with stage fright you will easily forget all those tehniques. So if you feel like you are in this basic level, dont bother to learn the tehniques but join us to discover, build, and boost your self confident. 


Learning Objective :


1. You will learn how to find your inner strength, the first modality to self confident

2. You will learn how to get over your fear of presenting or speaking in public

3. You will learn how to handle nervousness well in every opening session of your presentation

4. You will experience performing in front of a genuine audiens that we bring in


By following some practical exercises throughout the day, you will easily build your confidence with the help of our coach. In addition, you will also learn to prepare, compose and deliver your presentation in front of other participants & audiens. We designed this program in such a way as to create a relaxed, informal and mutually supportive atmosphere among the participants.




Outline Program


1. Cultivate the Desire & Initiative to PERFORM

  • Come to the stage before being asked
  • Being showed that perform in public is easy
  • Experience that perform in public is fun

2. Overcoming "Stage Fright"

  • 5 easy steps to overcome nervousness
  • Being showed that perform in stage is easy
  • Experience that perform in stage is fun
  • Menambah penghargaan terhadap kelebihan diri

3.  Appreciate our uniqueness

  • Recognising our good self-image
  • Telling a fun story about ourself

4. Strengthen Our Body Language

  • Train our whole body to tell stories
  • Get used to strong poses
  • Avoid body language mistakes


  • Experience the stage fright while performing in audiens
  • Experience the implementation of all teoritical material in real stage